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The good news is... pets don't have the same psychological issues regarding body image. They haven't felt the discrimination society can dish out to anyone over their optimal size. So your pet won't be suffering the same stress a human might. All your pet needs to do to gain health, fitness, and comfort is get a bit more active... what are you waiting for? Get some tips now and sign up for the FREE 6 week program...

We can help you make improvements that last. Thinking differently about how you interact with your pet will lead to long-term benefits to your relationship with them, and make sure they are around longer to enjoy it... you never know - you might just get a bit more active too!

After all... a fit pet is a healthy pet. And a healthy pet is a happy pet.

So why not sign up for the
FREE 6 week program...
what have you got to lose?
So, what can you do? Well, the truth is any increase in physical activity will bring benefits. None of us were designed to be sedentary, or our species would not have survived. Experts have worked out exactly what you need to do to get measurable results. And whilst we will give you that specific information, just doing a bit more than you currently do is a great place to start.

So if you think your pet would benefit from becoming more active, or your vet has told you they would, but you are not quite sure what exactly needs to be done, for what reasons, and how, then sign up now for the
FREE 6 week program...
Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Often there are real, genuine reasons activity is difficult... often the reason your pet needs to lose weight is the exact same reason they are finding it difficult; arthritic joints to name but one condition. Sometimes it is the limitations of the owner that makes it hard to get the pet more active, don't despair or give up, help is at hand... Get the free advice of an experienced human and animal physiotherapist. Take the first step, sign up for the FREE 6 week program today.
It's a big problem. More pets are overweight than ever before, 40% of dogs and 30% of cats in Australia. This is the direct cause of many health issues, that would lessen or disappear if their weight and activity levels were managed better. Through love we are killing our pets, or at the least subjecting them to unnecessary pain and discomfort. They have a right to healthy, active lives and you can give them that gift. Start today and sign up for the FREE 6 week program...


We're here to help pet owners like you. Our aim is to empower you to make informed choices, and better manage the health and physical activity of your companion.
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